Bamboo Spoons

Whether enjoying macaroni In an outing with family or while enjoying Maggi in trips with our friends , we often use products like Plastic Forks most commonly with intentions to dispose them after use. 
These plastic folks after disposal often end up in landfills or waterways causing serious problems for environment and marine life. 
Chemicals used in plastic forks are also reported to lead to cancer and many other health issues. 

But , Since we care for your health and for the environment too, we present you a solution to both of your problems - Bamboo forks!! 
Our Bamboo forks are lightweight, durable , Eco friendly and chemical free which will not react to acidic food.
Our 100% biodegradable fork won’t scratch your plate or even leave their mark. 
This reusable bamboo fork is set for great everyday use, picnics and more. 
Being Reusable , these forks are pocket friendly too. 
Grab it now folks!

Bamboo Spoon

Dimensions :

9 inches